Feeling like a model off duty.haha This is what i wore last saturday at the Annebisyosa No other concert. More about that on my next blog post.
Gold dot ed cuff and armor ring, Extreme find spike ring, Esprit watch, 
Tomato blazer, Oxygen sheer maxi skirt, SM Accessories necklace,People are people studded bag and black wedges
Bloggers and models around the world are loving the sheer maxi look, It sure can make any look edgy, and because i'm into anything edgy i will never miss making my own style with it. I'm sure there are lots of ways to style this look but because last saturday was a concert i decided to make it look sophisticated, edgy and so chic. All black from top to bottom with black and white print blazer plus accessories and bag that sure can make anyone stare and it actually did cause i can still remember the different kinds of stare i got last saturday while i walk with these clothes, well i actually didn't care what they had in mind and whether its good or bad it just mean one thing, that this look is really eye catching and i loved it! ;)



If u guys have read this blog from the start (which i hope u guys did.haha) you'd know that I'm a zebra print addict, I have lots of zebra printed stuff inside my room and much more inside my closet..
sunnies from A*postrophe, Black top from a bazaar, See-through zebra printed leggings from People are People, Sandals from Primadonna, Necklace and ring from SM accessories

And this is one of my favorite zebra prints inside my closet. I wore this printed leggings last friday, very eye catching don't you think? Well i guess any animal print is eye catching but i love this leggings not only because its zebra print but because it looks like its tatooed on my skin. The see-through effect made that illusion and since i know it'll be an attention grabber i kept everything simple with my top and accessories then wore my primadonna sandals with silver chains to match the silver chains on my fringe necklace. Simple yet still edgy :)



Two different prints combined...What do u guys think???
Feather necklace from SM Accessories
Gold Dot Armor ring, Other black rings from SM Accessories, Zebra cuff from Girl shoppe
Tomato Motorcycle jacket,skirt and belt, HK brand dress worn as top

Went out for coffee wearing a print on print outfit. It looks like a dress but its actually a gray printed dress (worn as top) and a gray skirt. Two different prints with the same color is the trick that made it look like a one piece dress and i loved it, I also wore a dark gray motorcycle jacket over it and wedge booties with black studs to make the look not too girly but a bit edgy. :)



Went to trinoma yesterday to meet my friend Ave, Its been a while since we last hang out so i was really excited to see her but not only that, I was also excited because yesterday i got my new toy:) If you guys wanna know what it is.. Read on!haha ;)
 SM department store Button down top, Studded bag from People are People, Feather necklace from SM accessories
Get ready for lots of  mirror photos!!!
 Dinner at Jack's Loft Trinoma
Yes! I got my self a new a camera.:) Well it took me two weeks to decide on this one. I really want to have a dslr but after reading lots of reviews and asking my friends their opinion, I came up with a decision to just buy a point and shoot camera. Same quality with some dslr but its smaller and its perfect for people like me who commutes a lot and goes home late at night, after all i dont want to risk my life just for a camera and besides a dslr can wait.haha 
The Canon poweshot G12 is one of the point and shoot cameras that gives prominent photo quality even under low light conditions and I got mine at techmania.multiply.com they have all sorts of gadgets at a super low price. Thanks to Multiply cause they made shopping more easy and fun. So excited to post lots of pictures using my New Toy ;)



Last saturday my cousin from Manila invited me for a night out with one of our best girlfriend. I was really not in the mood to dress up so fabulous so i decided to wear something casual and comfy but i used two of my favorite newbies in my closet and these represent two of the colors i love
Meet my new Charlie pink satchel and Primadonna babies
Charlie pink satchel, Primadonna wedges
I just love that my bag matches the color of my toe nails.CUTE!;p 
Necklace from SM accessories, Belt from Tomato
Vintage dress, Black blazer from a bazaar
 I wore a dress that's been in my closet for a long time, I know i should have worn this cute dress before but as always it's better late than never right?hihi;) I love the print and the pinch of pink on it too. I put on a belt to make it look a little bit shorter and make me look a little bit taller. then a black blazer ( last seen HERE) and black accessories(Yah! can't leave the house without anything black)
These two was the highlight of my outfit. they gave my casual night out look an extra oomph. I guess my outfit would look so boring without these two.
I came a bit early for our night out so i decided to see one of my HS bestfriends shine and had coffee while i wait for my cousin.
I so love her studded bag and pants Yes, I know it looks like a maxi skirt but its not and that's what i love about it. So fashyown! :) Well, it's true what they say that birds with the same feathers flock together right?.haha 
Meet my cousin and our best friend. love these girls so much! ;)
It was a fun night. I love spending weekends with people i love with or without new shoes and bag.haha :)



Went out for coffee and did some shopping last monday wearing this outfit.
Gray blazer from folded and hung, HK brand skirt
Silver and black necklace from SM accessories, Rosary necklace from Oxygen
An addition to my blazer collection. I just love wearing blazers like this, it gives an outfit that instant attitude.
Spike ring from Extreme finds, Love ring from Girl shoppe, beaded ring from SM accessories, Pink glitter nail polish from Etude house
Shoes from a bazaar

Again the colors Black, Gray and Silver in my outfit. I guess i'll never get tired of wearing those three colors.;) Well in this outfit I decided to mix old and new stuff in one. Yes, the skirt and top was from last last year. The black top is maybe the most used thing in my closet, while the skirt was one of my favorites when i was so into the "jenny humphrey style" I actually wore the same skirt last 2010 on my birthday party but with a leather jacket and a different top and set of accessories (see it here) So this time i added two new pieces, The gray blazer i got from Folded and hung and the black platform pumps i got from a bazaar. I think it was the blazer that gave my old clothes a new look.Loved the outcome as always:) It was nice mixing old and new things in one, so don't be afraid to wear your old clothes again but be sure to give it a different look so people wont notice ;)



I know its already 2012 but i still can't believe 2011 is over. So many good things have happened throughout that year and I'm hoping that this year will be as good as last year. I know i should have made this post a bit earlier but who cares? its better late than never right?:) So before I enjoy the rest of 2012 i just wanna say THANK YOU to those people from last year who shared their lives with me and inspired me to do good things. Let us all continue to inspire lives this year ;)
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