Feeling like a model off duty.haha This is what i wore last saturday at the Annebisyosa No other concert. More about that on my next blog post.
Gold dot ed cuff and armor ring, Extreme find spike ring, Esprit watch, 
Tomato blazer, Oxygen sheer maxi skirt, SM Accessories necklace,People are people studded bag and black wedges
Bloggers and models around the world are loving the sheer maxi look, It sure can make any look edgy, and because i'm into anything edgy i will never miss making my own style with it. I'm sure there are lots of ways to style this look but because last saturday was a concert i decided to make it look sophisticated, edgy and so chic. All black from top to bottom with black and white print blazer plus accessories and bag that sure can make anyone stare and it actually did cause i can still remember the different kinds of stare i got last saturday while i walk with these clothes, well i actually didn't care what they had in mind and whether its good or bad it just mean one thing, that this look is really eye catching and i loved it! ;)

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