Say hello to my new BABIES 

Primadonna glitter flats
Zebra print, wooden heels from People are people
Parisian booties
Black platform and wedges both from a bazaar

I'm so excited to wear them all. Can't wait to make outfit photos with these NEWBIES :)



Oxygen off shoulder top with leather details
Leather leggings from Tomato
SM Accessories feather necklace
Studded bag from People are People

I went to the CHALK fashion rocks at Ronac art center wearing this. Yes, it's Another silver, black and gray outfit and Yes, I curled my hair for a change.;) I really didn't know what to wear that day but good thing i went shopping at Oxygen a week before the event and got this off shoulder top, I so loved the leather details on it so I decided to pair it with leather leggings too plus one of my favorite necklaces from SM accessories. Loved the outcome. It's another PHAT look;) 

Here are some of the photos i took from the CHALK fashion rocks:

(One of the disadvantages of being small.LOL)



Oversized cardigan and black top from a bazaar, Skirt from People are People
Bag from 168 mall
Necklaces from SM Accessories
 Esprit ROCK IT watch from Watch Republic, Love ring from Girl shoppe, Beaded ring from SM Accessories, Lightning ring from Muradito
Black Wedges from People are People

Silver, Black and Gray are three of my favorite colors when it comes to clothes and accessories and this look is probably one good example of those three colors combined in my outfit. I love the oversized cardigan i got from a bazaar, i paired it with black top, skirt, and piled on lots of silver/black accessories. With this look i'm pretty sure i made my date that day drool all over me. Kidding! :)



We love their TV shows, Movies, Music and Fashion and now we're loving their Beauty products.Yes, Japanese and Korean beauty products from Etude house, Majolica majorca and Tony moly

Here are some of their products that i love:
Etude house Precious mineral BB cream #2 Sheer glowing skin and BB Magic pact
Remember my post about the BB cream??( if not read it here) Im loving it more with the BB magic pact. I use it after applying the BB cream and it gives my face a smooth finish.

Majolica Majorca Lash expander frame plus and Honey pump gloss neo
Their mascara is one of the best water proof mascara I've ever tried and their lip gloss is perfect for pouty, voluptuous lips.

Tony Moly pink nail polish
Cute pink nail polish!! Heard a lot of good things about their other products so i'm gonna try their other nail polish and make up next time i visit their store :)
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