These photos represent what Summer 2012 is all about. Bright and pastel colors, floral prints and cute dresses. Another great work by Der Kunstler photography and design. The same people who did my photos HERE and HERE.
Pretty model, good styling and great photography. Everything is all in these photos and I love that it shouts SUMMER!!! With all the cute birds, bubbles and mountains, I just can't wait to escape the city and go out of town and enjoy everything under the sun. ;)
If you want to experience great photography and have lovely photos like these, go visit and like Der Kunstler Facebook page HERE and know more about them. ;)



Oxygen top, SM Accessories hat, necklace and bangle, Parfois bag

It's officially Summer here in the Philippines but we still experience some heavy raining lately, so I came up with an outfit that can survive our bipolar weather. 
This loose top from Oxygen is made up of nice cotton fabric that is perfect during sunny days and its long sleeves can also make you warm enough on rainy days. I wore a hat for sun protection and wore my fave wedge booties just in case the weather starts acting out again. I opted for simple yet eye catching accessories like my SM accessories necklace and used my studded Parfois bag again to add oomph on my simple yet edgy look.
Love it?? Let me know. :)



Zebra printed bag, heels, necklace and ring ALL IN ONE! :)
SM Ladies wear top, Girl Shoppe ring, necklace and bangle, Tonic bag, People are People heels

Here's another outfit post that shows my addiction to zebra prints.
I wore all my new zebra printed stuff in one outfit, I never thought wearing them all together would  look this good. And to make it more chic, I wore a sheer top and paired it with pants. I loved that it looks classy and fun at the same time. A perfect outfit that can actually go from day to night, Loose the pants and pair this sheer top with nice shorts or a skirt and you're all set for a night out. ;)



OMBRE is a hair color trend that is rapidly gaining popularity, Hollywood celebrities are rocking the red carpet with this trend. It looks fresh, glamorous and unique. It is also considered to be the one for summer that will look good in any hairstyle. so why not give it a try? ;)
Me and my cousin had our OMBRE experience at Azta Urban salon in Tomas Morato, The only salon that offers this type of  hair coloring.
The whole process took about five hours but it was all worth it.
Everyone in Azta Tomas morato was very friendly, They offered us magazines and drinks and lot of chit-chatting to keep us comfy and occupied.

Say goodbye to my boring plain black hair and hello to my Ombre hair.haha

 We loved it! We both felt like instant celebrities after the whole process. 
It appears as if the light has been playing with our hair, It looks really sexy and it will surely look good on the beach this summer ;)
What do you guys think about my new summer look?
If your planning to have the OMBRE experience like we did, This month is the perfect time! Azta Urban Salon is offering a free Lycopene Treatment with any Ombre service for the whole month of March.
Visit their Facebook page HERE



Part two of the shoot by der kunstler photography
People are people zebra print shirt, SM accessories fringe necklace, From a bazaar denim shorts, Primadonna wedges

Like I said on my last blog post I was really unprepared for this shoot, I brought this zebra printed  shirt and just paired it with denim shorts, and with the same accessories I wore on my previous outfit, and my new babies from primadonna the look came out good, It was perfect for the hot weather and the beautiful location. Loved it! ;)
 If being unprepared will always be as good as this then I guess I'll never prepare ever.(kidding):) 
What do you guys think about this look??
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Here are the first set of photos from the shoot I was talking about on my last blog post. 

I had a busy week before the shoot so I really didn't have enough time to prepare for it, It was also the last day of voting for the EXPERIENCE OXYGEN contest and I was one of the finalists so I was really close on cancelling the shoot and just stay home and watch for my votes, But since I didn't want to waste other people's time cause I already said yes to this shoot, I still went through with it and I'm glad I did. 
The photos were great and we had so much fun doing it. I came up with my outfit two hours before our call time, I literally raid my closet and looked for clothes that I can mix and match, Thanks to my zebra prints, they really saved my day. I thought that animal print in an outdoor shoot will look good and yes it did.
I already wore the zebra printed top in one of my outfit post and the skirt too but mixing them together made it look different, the zebra stripes on my top and black stripes on my skirt matches perfectly. I wore a belt to make it look like one piece. I also added black and silver accessories to make the look more fun.
I guess zebra prints are also my lucky charm cause I did won the EXPERIENCE OXYGEN contest on that same day.haha (Thank you guys again for supporting me)
What do you guys think about these photos? My photographer friend Yvette Lising really did a god job right? If you wanna see more of their work and want photos like these, visit and like their Facebook page HERE ;)



I had a shoot last saturday with a great photographer and a good friend Yvette Lising. It was a fun shoot and I can't wait to share the photos to you guys soon, But for now here's what I wore before the shoot.
Oxygen shirt and Rosary necklace, Folded n Hung fedora hat, Esprit watch, Denim shorts from a bazaar, Parfois studded bag, HK brand studded boots

The Hot weather nowadays can literally make us melt.haha. 
Good thing OXYGEN has shirts that are perfect for summer, very comfy yet very stylish, Like what I wore last Saturday, Since it was a shoot and we had to walk around to look for good locations, I opted for comfy pieces, The shirt was enough to make a statement so I didn't wear too much accessories and just wore boots to make the look more eye catching. I also brought my new studded bag from PARFOIS, I love that it was big enough to store all my gadgets, My make up kit and all other stuff I needed that day plus it also matches the studs on my boots that made it perfect . Oh and I also wore a hat to have that summer vibe.haha:)

It's nice to still be very stylish despite the hot weather, Go for comfy clothes and add a little excitement on it to make it perfect for summer ;)
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I'm wearing OXYGEN in all four outfit photos (click HERE to know more about these photos)

I just wanna say THANK YOU to the people who helped me win the EXPERIENCE OXYGEN contest, I was really surprised with all the support you guys gave me, and in return I promise to do all my best as an OXYGEN intern and let you guys know all about it through this blog.
 I may not be the first who got the highest number of votes by the end of the contest but for me it was more than enough to let me know how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who really care for me and willing to do anything just to help me reach my dream.
To my relatives, friends and the people I don't personally know but still voted for me, THANK YOU!!! Can't make it without your help. 
This is it! one by one I'll make all my dreams come true and i'll make everyone of you proud of me ;)
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