Here are the first set of photos from the shoot I was talking about on my last blog post. 

I had a busy week before the shoot so I really didn't have enough time to prepare for it, It was also the last day of voting for the EXPERIENCE OXYGEN contest and I was one of the finalists so I was really close on cancelling the shoot and just stay home and watch for my votes, But since I didn't want to waste other people's time cause I already said yes to this shoot, I still went through with it and I'm glad I did. 
The photos were great and we had so much fun doing it. I came up with my outfit two hours before our call time, I literally raid my closet and looked for clothes that I can mix and match, Thanks to my zebra prints, they really saved my day. I thought that animal print in an outdoor shoot will look good and yes it did.
I already wore the zebra printed top in one of my outfit post and the skirt too but mixing them together made it look different, the zebra stripes on my top and black stripes on my skirt matches perfectly. I wore a belt to make it look like one piece. I also added black and silver accessories to make the look more fun.
I guess zebra prints are also my lucky charm cause I did won the EXPERIENCE OXYGEN contest on that same day.haha (Thank you guys again for supporting me)
What do you guys think about these photos? My photographer friend Yvette Lising really did a god job right? If you wanna see more of their work and want photos like these, visit and like their Facebook page HERE ;)

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