Vintage cardigan, Red tube dress worn as top from a bazaar
Rosary necklace from Oxygen, Chain necklace from SM accessories, Armor ring from Gold dot, Connector ring from Y.R.Y.S., Flats from People are People

I heard that red will be the lucky color for 2012 so i decided to wear one on the last day of 2011. I know i keep saying that black, gray and silver are three of my favorite colors but i love wearing anything red once in a while, Its very eye catching and it gives an outfit that instant oomph.  The red tube dress i wore on my birthday last year looked even better with the skirt i bought from an online shop early this year. as always i love the outcome and for sure you'll see more red outfits of me on 2012. :)
And before the year ends i wanna greet you guys a very happy new year! Lets all enjoy the last day of 2011 and welcome 2012 with love and happiness ;)



Blazer from The RAMP
My new babies from Robinsons nova bazaar

I have the colors black and gray on almost everything in my closet, from clothes, bags and shoes but for a change i bought these tawny wedges and decided to make an outfit around it and mixed it with those 2 colors i love. The gray and brown combination of my bag from Forever21 fits the color of the blazer from the RAMP, the belt and the shoes, and ofcourse can't leave the house without anything black so i wore a black top under my blazer. I soo love the outcome. one of my favorite outfits so far. so chic and so PHAT :)



I just wanna share some of my photos over the past years, some of these photos were taken during happy times with my best girlfriends and looking back on these photos reminded me of the good memories i had with them.  I soo miss my GURLDS :(
Aimee's birthday 2009
Andrea's birthday 2010
Aimee's birthday 2010
My birthday 2010
New year's celebration with my gurlds 2011
Meet my GURLDS! (L-R) Rj, Xeby, Andrea, Me. Aya, Aimee



Charlie sunnies
Cardigan, shirt and shorts all from a bazaar
Studded bag from Metro gaisano
Rosary necklace from Oxygen
My new babies! Wedge booties from singapore

Remember my post about the oversized cardigan i got from a bazaar? (if not read it here) I also have it in gray and white stripes and i decided to wear it on my last day in Legazpi city. I loved it because it automatically made my casual look into an eye catching look and I'm so glad to have it in my closet, so don't be surprised if i wear it again.haha 


SWEET ESCAPE Day2 (photo diary)

On our 2nd day in legazpi city, we did lots of outdoor activities (like what i said here), explored other places in Bicol, More pigging out and coffee bonding.:)

My first time to try the zipline. Im actually scared to try this at first but it felt soo good after, the view of the Mayon volcano from the zipline made it so special and priceless.
We had lunch at CWC, one of the best tourist spots here in the Philippines



Zebra print shirt from People are People
Studded bag from Metro Gaisano
Hot pink sunnies from Charlie
Armor ring from Gold dot, Connector ring from Y.R.Y.S., Esprit watch from Watch Republic
Necklace from SM Accessories

My 2nd day in Legazpi city. We did lots of outdoor activities and went to different places in bicol, it was a good thing I decided to wear flats that kept me comfortable all day, and yes, another zebra print shirt (told yah, I'm addicted to zebra prints) I also missed wearing beanie so i decided to wear one that day and the hot pink sunnies i got from a local brand Charlie was perfect for the lovely sunny weather. ;) 
I had so much fun exploring legazpi city and other places in bicol and I can't wait to share all my other photos. ;)
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