I'm wearing OXYGEN in all four outfit photos (click HERE to know more about these photos)

I just wanna say THANK YOU to the people who helped me win the EXPERIENCE OXYGEN contest, I was really surprised with all the support you guys gave me, and in return I promise to do all my best as an OXYGEN intern and let you guys know all about it through this blog.
 I may not be the first who got the highest number of votes by the end of the contest but for me it was more than enough to let me know how lucky I am to be surrounded by people who really care for me and willing to do anything just to help me reach my dream.
To my relatives, friends and the people I don't personally know but still voted for me, THANK YOU!!! Can't make it without your help. 
This is it! one by one I'll make all my dreams come true and i'll make everyone of you proud of me ;)

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