If u guys have read this blog from the start (which i hope u guys did.haha) you'd know that I'm a zebra print addict, I have lots of zebra printed stuff inside my room and much more inside my closet..
sunnies from A*postrophe, Black top from a bazaar, See-through zebra printed leggings from People are People, Sandals from Primadonna, Necklace and ring from SM accessories

And this is one of my favorite zebra prints inside my closet. I wore this printed leggings last friday, very eye catching don't you think? Well i guess any animal print is eye catching but i love this leggings not only because its zebra print but because it looks like its tatooed on my skin. The see-through effect made that illusion and since i know it'll be an attention grabber i kept everything simple with my top and accessories then wore my primadonna sandals with silver chains to match the silver chains on my fringe necklace. Simple yet still edgy :)

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