Like what i said on my last blog post, last saturday i went to Annebisyosa NO OTHER CONCERT. I did miss Katy perry's concert here in manila but i definitely didn't miss this one.haha 
 Smart araneta was packed with followers, fans, and people who love Anne Curtis. It's amazing that even people knew that she's not really a singer they all came to watch and support her. 
 She opened it with the song "only girl" by rihana. Well she's definitely the only girl that can make the whole araneta crazy and love her despite her not so pretty voice :)
 She shared the stage with her equally beautiful sister jasmine curtis
 I also went there with my bestfriend/sister, aying. were not sisters by blood but we sure love each other like real one ;)
Dinner after the concert at jack's loft (again) with jesi.
Had so much fun watching Anne curtis last saturday. We all know that she's not really a good singer but we enjoyed watching her as she rock  the whole araneta with her Birit songs. I also loved her sexy costumes, Its like watching a concert/ fashion show in one. She is truly the  Diyosa of Philippine Showbiz and like what she said 'Dreams really do come true'  so don't let people stop you from doing the things you love to do, live your dreams and make the most out of it :)

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