Last saturday my cousin from Manila invited me for a night out with one of our best girlfriend. I was really not in the mood to dress up so fabulous so i decided to wear something casual and comfy but i used two of my favorite newbies in my closet and these represent two of the colors i love
Meet my new Charlie pink satchel and Primadonna babies
Charlie pink satchel, Primadonna wedges
I just love that my bag matches the color of my toe nails.CUTE!;p 
Necklace from SM accessories, Belt from Tomato
Vintage dress, Black blazer from a bazaar
 I wore a dress that's been in my closet for a long time, I know i should have worn this cute dress before but as always it's better late than never right?hihi;) I love the print and the pinch of pink on it too. I put on a belt to make it look a little bit shorter and make me look a little bit taller. then a black blazer ( last seen HERE) and black accessories(Yah! can't leave the house without anything black)
These two was the highlight of my outfit. they gave my casual night out look an extra oomph. I guess my outfit would look so boring without these two.
I came a bit early for our night out so i decided to see one of my HS bestfriends shine and had coffee while i wait for my cousin.
I so love her studded bag and pants Yes, I know it looks like a maxi skirt but its not and that's what i love about it. So fashyown! :) Well, it's true what they say that birds with the same feathers flock together right?.haha 
Meet my cousin and our best friend. love these girls so much! ;)
It was a fun night. I love spending weekends with people i love with or without new shoes and bag.haha :)

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