Went out for coffee and did some shopping last monday wearing this outfit.
Gray blazer from folded and hung, HK brand skirt
Silver and black necklace from SM accessories, Rosary necklace from Oxygen
An addition to my blazer collection. I just love wearing blazers like this, it gives an outfit that instant attitude.
Spike ring from Extreme finds, Love ring from Girl shoppe, beaded ring from SM accessories, Pink glitter nail polish from Etude house
Shoes from a bazaar

Again the colors Black, Gray and Silver in my outfit. I guess i'll never get tired of wearing those three colors.;) Well in this outfit I decided to mix old and new stuff in one. Yes, the skirt and top was from last last year. The black top is maybe the most used thing in my closet, while the skirt was one of my favorites when i was so into the "jenny humphrey style" I actually wore the same skirt last 2010 on my birthday party but with a leather jacket and a different top and set of accessories (see it here) So this time i added two new pieces, The gray blazer i got from Folded and hung and the black platform pumps i got from a bazaar. I think it was the blazer that gave my old clothes a new look.Loved the outcome as always:) It was nice mixing old and new things in one, so don't be afraid to wear your old clothes again but be sure to give it a different look so people wont notice ;)

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