This is what I wore at the Status magazine's office last week. They invited me and my co-intern Kath for the Philippine fashion week briefing.
The weather was so hot that day so I decided to wear something comfy yet very Fashyown. I found this cropped top buried inside my closet and asked myself why have I not worn this cute top before??  It was actually too short that if I raised my hands you could see almost everything. So I paired it with High waist palazzo pants and  put on a belt to keep it in place. I didn't wear heels and just wore my Gold Dot esme sandals to keep the look casual. Sad that I didn't took a photo of it that day but if you guys are wondering how it looks, check my post HERE. I also wore my padlock necklace from FnH. I love that it's an attention grabber that made my look a bit edgy.
What do you guys think about this outfit? ;)

People are People top, From Bangkok palazzo pants and belt, Folded and Hung necklace, Parfois bag
It was also my first time to meet my fellow intern Kathrina Concepcion. I invited her for lunch after our meeting to get to know her better. We share the same interests so we immediately liked each other;) We talked about anything and everything about fashion and how excited we are to be on Status magazine as part of our prize in the Experience oxygen contest. She's a sweet and talented girl, she even took  these outfit photos of me. Thanks again khat! :)  Check out her blog  HERE
It was a fun filled day, I got to meet kath and knew the things we'll be doing for Oxygen and Status magazine. I'll let you guys know all about it here on my blog. Our next meeting will be on the 17th. We'll be in the Go-See and fitting of the models of Oxygen for fashion week. I'm so excited! 
Oh and Status magazine also gave us a copy of their April issue. Grab your copies too ;)

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