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 I Apologize for the hiatus, I tried not to be in front of my laptop during holy week and enjoy my Batangas trip without the use of Internet (except from my phone). But of course I took photos from that trip to share with you guys and these are some of them.
I've been spending holy week in Batangas for three years now. It became our tradition to visit this wonderful place every year. I kept coming back because of the nice and genuine people, plus the beautiful beach that is located just in front of my friend's house.  We chose not to stay in a fancy or exclusive resort to make our trip extra special. Because every year we get to experience the simple life that this place has to offer. A time where we can be away from the city and just be ourselves, do things we never thought we can and live like it's our last summer. An experience we know we can't get in Boracay or any other popular beaches. This place is our own version of paradise and I'm looking forward to spend more summers here.

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