Oxygen top | Thrifted shorts | From Bangkok blazer | People are People wedges | Necklace and ring from 168

I wore this Oxygen see-through top and and my fave denim shorts last Saturday when me and my friends went out for shopping, since the top I was wearing was too revealing, I wore a cute printed cardigan over it, and opted for simple yet eye catching accessories that made this outfit perfect for daytime. I also wore a comfy pair of wedges that helped me keep up with all the walking we did that day. I actually got a lot of weird stares from people in the mall because of this outfit, but I didn't mind them, because like what Mary-Kate Olsen said "I'm not afraid of walking down the street in something that people think is crazy. What I can't stand is looking like everybody else." and I definitely agree with her, We dress up not to please other people but to please ourselves, so don't be afraid of what people might think. wear what you want to wear and be confident in it.



Oxygen ombre shirt, necklace and bangle | Charlie shorts | Girl shoppe love ring | SM accessories ring | Primadonna wedges

Do you sometimes wish your closet can automatically style the clothes you'll wear everyday? especially on those days when you're too lazy to be so glamorous but still want to be stylish? Well I do experience that too and on those lazy days I always rely on my basic tees, not only because they make me feel comfortable the whole day, but they also are the easiest to style in many unique and fashionable ways. Like this ombre v neck tee I got from Oxygen last week, it can make any casual look more fun and exciting and I can think of numerous ways to style it, but last sunday I wanted it to look more of the casual "me" side so I just wore a cardigan over it with stripe detail that looks like a scarf, the color of it also matches the color of my new babies from Primadonna that I chose to wear to make my casual outfit more classy, and to top it off I wore a nice silver necklace and bangles that are also from Oxygen and wore silver rings too. 
It was good having something so nice in my closet that I don't have to rack my brain on how to make it look so fun and fresh and I'm sure you guys can also think of ways on how to style this Oxygen vees, so be sure to visit their stores and stock up some of it in your closets. ;)



We Filipinos are born to be survivors and there's nothing in this world that we can't face. We are stronger than flood and rain so never give up, keep fighting and we will all rise again with God. 
STAY STRONG and STAY SAFE, a simple reminder from Der Kunstler Photography and me.



Hongkong brand button down | Oxygen shorts | SM Accessories necklace | Kultura bangle | From a bazaar ring | Pill spine heels

The rainy weather is making me so lazy so forgive me guys if I keep this post very short.
In this outfit I wore a button down shirt that I almost forgot I have in my closet, paired it with yellow shorts and necklace to make it look more fun and wore my spiney heels again to add an oomph in this very casual look. I know, this outfit doesn't actually fit the rainy weather we're experiencing here in the Philippines today but who cares right? besides we all know that the sun will come out soon and this casual outfit will be a perfect look for welcoming the sun again. :)
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