Oxygen top | Thrifted shorts | From Bangkok blazer | People are People wedges | Necklace and ring from 168

I wore this Oxygen see-through top and and my fave denim shorts last Saturday when me and my friends went out for shopping, since the top I was wearing was too revealing, I wore a cute printed cardigan over it, and opted for simple yet eye catching accessories that made this outfit perfect for daytime. I also wore a comfy pair of wedges that helped me keep up with all the walking we did that day. I actually got a lot of weird stares from people in the mall because of this outfit, but I didn't mind them, because like what Mary-Kate Olsen said "I'm not afraid of walking down the street in something that people think is crazy. What I can't stand is looking like everybody else." and I definitely agree with her, We dress up not to please other people but to please ourselves, so don't be afraid of what people might think. wear what you want to wear and be confident in it.


  1. I found your blog on IFB and fell in love... great photos and cute outfit... keep up the good work :)

    LOve loVE ELENA

  2. nice outfit! i like your shoes!


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