Photos from Fashion Beans

You guys are maybe wondering why I posted these photos here in my blog? well, don't worry I'm not changing this blog into a full men's fashion blog, but instead I'm expanding the information you'll get here by posting men's fashion from time to time. I was inspired by all the photos of stylish men I saw in Fashion Bean and from male bloggers here in the Philippines like David Guison and Robbie Becroft and top lookbookers like Peter Adrian and Adam Gallagher so I thought why not add it here in my blog so you guys can get both inspirations in men and women's fashion and can share this blog with your guy friends, brother or boyfriend. So soon you'll see style inspo in men's fashion and men's outfit photos that i'll be styling, but still see the usual stuff I post like my outfit photos, shopping finds and my inspirations in women's fashion so stay tuned! I hope you guys can support this and let me know what you think. ;)


  1. Loving all of this. Loving all these men :-)

  2. Looking so cool men and awesome looking in Leather jacker.

  3. You really expanded upon a subject that I usually don't care much about and made it very exciting. This is a unique blog that I will take note of it.Urban Styles


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