Kimono Blazer from GH shopping center | Hipstop Pants | Girl Shoppe Necklace and Black and gold Ring |  SM Accessories Gold Ring | Nava Belt | Oxygen Envelope bag | From Bangkok wedges

It's been raining a lot lately here in manila but when the sun finally came out yesterday I took advantage of it and went out with my friends wearing this outfit.
 I never imagined myself wearing a floral outfit one day and I didn't like the color tangerine when I was a kid. But now here I am wearing a colorful floral kimono and a pair of tangerine pants. Well, People do really change right? Anyway I built this whole outfit around my kimono blazer, the colors of it inspired me to wear an outfit with vibrant hues that represents the good weather but of course I still wore hints of black here and there and added gold accessories to make it look more ME. Wearing other colors besides Black, Gray and White was like a breath of fresh air and I think I'm gonna wear more colorful outfits starting today so stay tuned ;)

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