Despedida dinner for two of my friends Rj and Aimee 

We had dinner at RUB tomas morato. Their specialty is this yummy spare ribs. YUM!
And their fried oreo ice cream is to die for.

 I love the vintage posters on their walls too.

 With Rj who's leaving for 3 years to study in finland :(
Aimee (On the left) who's leaving for 3 months to go to singapore and with Andrea (On the left) who looked so cute that night.
 I will surely miss these girls. 

You guys are maybe wondering who's leaving for 3 days? That's me and xes (On my right) we're planning to visit baguio for 3days since we both don't have plans on leaving our country for now.

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  1. i like this blog!!! makes me wanna go back there! i miss u!=rj


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