Another Celebrity shoe trend today are the oxford flats. I just got my own pair of Oxford Flats and i LOVE IT!!!!

No wonder celebrities tend to swap their killer heels for a comfy footwear when heading to the mall or in private. The celebrity Oxford flats Fall shoe trend is one of the stylish examples for the fact that no-heel shoes can be just as voguish and flattering when paired with the right fashion pieces.

Oxfords are classy shoes often associated with masculine fashion. However ladies are eager to soften the barriers between the wear of men and ladies and are eager to dress up their favorite flat shoes, shirts as well as tailored pants. These all might sound difficult to pull off, however if you have the necessary creativity as well as fashion skills you might be one of the most successful and worth-admiring trend-setter in your friend circle.

Here are some of the celebrities who also love wearing Oxford Flats:

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